About LiftMate

Offering turnkey warehousing equipment and materials handling solutions since 1991, LiftMate continues to remain at the forefront of this industry.
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Our team of trained professionals is synonymous with quality and reliability; enabling a growing number of customers to encounter services that address their discrete needs.

All of our stackers, pallet trucks, scissor lifts and industrial skates meet with current CE regulations and are equipped with guarantees of 12 or 24 months. Clients can therefore rest assured that they are receiving only the most trusted solutions for their in-house transport and storage needs. Each machine is thoroughly tested and spare parts can be purchased for any existing unit.

Our mission is to design machinery around the needs of the customer in question. Therefore, tailor-made units such as platform trolleys, toe jacks, sack trucks and pallet stackers are available in a number of different dimensions and weight capacities. Not only will this enhance the levels of safety within a workplace, but such versatility helps to increase efficiency while providing a higher return on investment. Each model has been constructed with the challenging needs of the industrial environment in mind. Some are just as suited for commercial and even domestic applications.

One example of such flexibility can be seen in the line of powered pallet trucks and trolleys that LiftMate offers. Able to handle weights into the thousands of pounds, numerous variations are able to accommodate unique needs. Terrain pallet trucks are perfectly capable of negotiating uneven terrain while rugged lifting trolleys can handle even the bulkiest of loads while providing a stable working platform. The field of materials transfer and storage has never been easier to address.

We currently offer more than 2,000 different products with trademarks in both the European Union and the United Kingdom. We are pleased to be able to ship internationally and from industrial skates to scissor lifts, there is simply no area that cannot be addressed through LiftMate.

Do you require a set of electric pallet trucks for your expanding warehouse? Perhaps you have been looking for robust lifting trolleys to maximise existing space. These are but two of the multitude of needs that we are able to address. We encourage you to contact a trained customer services representative at your earliest possible convenience. We are even able to customise a specific unit around your unique needs. When power and safety are both critical concerns, LiftMate is here to help.