Forklift Attachments

While the forklift is indeed a universal tool, there are various situations which will require a number of dedicated attachments. For example, heavy-duty sleeves for forks will help to extend their reach while never sacrificing inherent durability. Access platforms provide workers with a stable and yet flexible foundation when working at heights. Jibs and lifting beams offer even more versatility when carefully moving bulky items around an area. Skips, hoppers and containers enable the user to easily manipulate other materials such as powders and dry goods.

There are additional forklift attachments designed to be used for lifting drums, scooping or scraping materials. Thus, it is clear to see that these enhancements are directly built around the needs of the operator while always delivering superior levels of safety. All access platforms, forks, sleeves and other additions are durable and intended to meet modern industrial demands. Should you wish to purchase a quality attachment or if you cannot find the specific version required, please speak with a representative at Liftmate. We will be more than happy to help.


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