High Lift Pallet Trucks

Sometimes referred to as scissor lift pallet trucks, these models are useful when placing or removing bulky items which are at an otherwise difficult height. Their main purpose is to bring an item up to a manageable level so that the user does not risk injury by bending over and manually picking it up. Workshops, storage facilities and assembly line transfers are only a few of the areas where these hi-lifters are frequently seen. There are four different categories of high lift pallet trucks available through Liftmate.

Some high lift pallet trucks can be manually operated while still being able to support loads up to 1,500 kilogrammes. Electric scissor lifts could be preferred within busier environments. Skid lifters are ideal for manipulating pallets within tight areas where a traditional forklift may be too large. Pallet tilters are a final option for those who may need angular flexibility when working with bulk goods. These hi-lifters are all constructed with the same levels of safety and durability that have come to define the product range offered by Liftmate.


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