Platform Trolleys

Whether intended for commercial or industrial use, the selection of platform trolleys and trucks found at Liftmate can address even the most demanding of needs within the garden or workplace. Appreciating the need for flexibility, there are a number of different trucks and trolleys to choose from. Light- to medium-duty models can support up to 800 kilogrammes while a variety of dimensions and designs can be chosen. Some handles can be folded for ease of storage while others are pneumatically powered for greater leverage and control.

We also supply various platform trucks that are designed around the discrete needs of the user. Some are equipped with removable side panels while others have a centre axle for easy loading and unloading. Standard container trucks can be used within the service industry and certain models even boast a "turntable" design that provides easier navigation. Whether used outside of the home or within an industrial environment, our platform trucks and trolleys are the best options in terms of performance and safety. As always, we encourage any further enquiries or technical questions.


Liftmate specialises in Platform Trolleys & Trailers. If you cannot find the Platform Trolleys & Trailers you are looking for, please contact us and ask about the Platform Trolleys & Trailers you are looking for.