Powered Pallet Trucks

The range of powered pallet trucks offered through Liftmate is perfectly suited for situations when safely lifting and transporting bulky items is a priority. As our electric pallet trucks can handle weights of up to 50,000 kilogrammes, there is literally no task too big or too small that cannot be addressed. Keep in mind that while we currently provide a wide selection, models can be customised depending upon the discrete needs of the customer.

These heavy duty pallet trucks are made to stand up to even the most demanding of needs. Still, it is important to keep in mind that these units can be adapted to different circumstances. Some specialised models are specifically designed for rough terrain, some provide a lower overall profile while select models are constructed of all-weather stainless steel. Of course, it is always critical to note the dimensions of the requested unit as well as its maximum load capacity. For more information on pallet trucks please contact us or visit our ecommerce website at www.pallettrucks.co.uk.


Liftmate specialises in Powered Pallet Trucks. If you cannot find the Powered Pallet Trucks you are looking for, please contact us and ask about the Powered Pallet Trucks you are looking for.