Multi Trolley Furniture Mover


Optional Extra Posts

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Multi Trolley Furniture Mover

  • Ergonomic and efficient furniture and appliance mover that enables heavy and large items to be moved by a single operator
  • The revolutionary design removes the need for heavy lifting while ensuring safe and easy moving of furniture and other loads
  • One person rather than two people can conveniently move loads while saving time, cost and reducing risk of injury
  • The Multi Trolley Standard is designed to be positioned onto a piece of furniture which is then tilted 90° for transportation
  • The Multi Trolley Standard is fitted with four adjustable and removable support posts with protective rubber strip
  • The posts can be removed to convert the Multi Trolley Standard into a simple dolly
  • The Multi Trolley Standard is fitted with four 100 mm diameter swivel castor wheels with brake
  • Optional 580 mm or 980 mm adjustable posts (pair) available
  • Ideally designed for moving tables, desks, whiteboards, doors, panels, bookcases, cabinets, conference tables and dining tables
  • The Multi Trolley Standard can also be used to move sofas, beds, boxes, crates, pianos and other rectangular shaped loads
Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 250kg
Overall Width: 820 mm
Overall Depth: 460 mm
Overall Height: 975 mm
Adjustable Posts: 780 mm
Fixed Posts: 420 mm
Approx. Weight: 10kg