Sack Trucks

Our sack trucks and trolleys have numerous uses within the commercial or industrial sector. All are easy to manipulate while the levels of safety that are provided are never compromised. As can be imagined, there are countless variants to select and these will primarily depend upon the needs of the user. Standard trucks are ideal for common transportation needs while others boast high backs, folding toes, lightweight aluminium construction and even a three-wheeled mechanism designed when stairs need to be negotiated. These sack trolleys are all intended to support various weights and dimensions.

There are also unique sack barrows intended for very specific purposes. Some examples here can be drum trolleys, rough terrain sack trucks, portable (folding) sack barrows, trucks intended to be used to manipulate cylinders and stainless steel versions for outdoor or otherwise harsh environments. We encourage all of our customers to click on the individual unit to appreciate its technical features and specifications. As always, Liftmate is more than happy to address any additional questions in relation to these high-quality sack trolleys.


Liftmate specialises in Sack, Drum & Cylinder Trucks. If you cannot find the Sack, Drum & Cylinder Trucks you are looking for, please contact us and ask about the Sack, Drum & Cylinder Trucks you are looking for.