Scissor Lift Platforms and Tables

Scissor lift tables are stable and reliable mechanisms designed to raise and support heavy items within the workplace. With capacities ranging into the thousands of kilogrammes, the mobile scissor lift tables found at Liftmate are the perfect solutions for the modern work environment. Both manual and electric models are available while raised platform heights well in excess of two metres can be selected. There are also variants which can remain in place for repetitive tasks. Once again, these are all based around the needs of the operator.

The mobile lift tables range from lightweight models to heavy-duty designs. Some can be constructed of aluminium or stainless steel (when dealing with lighter loads). Single, double and even triple scissor lift tables are also available. Other mobile lift tables are designed for personal use (such as within a workshop). All mobile scissor lift tables are known for their ease of use while simultaneously providing a stable working platform. Please click on the individual model to learn more in regards to dimensions, lifting capacities and other unique features.


Liftmate specialises in Scissor Lift Platforms and Tables. If you cannot find the Scissor Lift Platforms and Tables you are looking for, please contact us and ask about the Scissor Lift Platforms and Tables you are looking for.