Skates, Jacks and Movers

Moving heavy or delicate items from place to place within a commercial environment can prove quite challenging. Liftmate is proud to be able to offer a wide selection of industrial skates and jacks. Shifting skates enable the user to more easily manipulate a specific load while fixed skates offer a more stable platform. Heavy-duty rollers will evenly distribute the load; dramatically minimising the chances of a spill or accident. This will also help to protect floors from unintentional damage. Our line of industrial skates can accommodate various weights and dimensions.

The selection of hydraulic jacks found at Liftmate is similarly able to accommodate safe lifting needs. These jacks are ideally suited when the manipulation of tonnes of weight is required. Toe jacks likewise provide a hands-free benefit for the user; very important to avoid potential injuries. Much like our selection of durable skates, these jacks are built to last and able to support truly massive loads. For further enquiries or additional technical questions, we encourage our customers to contact us at their earliest possible convenience.


Liftmate specialises in Skates, Jacks and Movers. If you cannot find the Skates, Jacks and Movers you are looking for, please contact us and ask about the Skates, Jacks and Movers you are looking for.