Stackers and Lifters

Moving and storing items at height is always a concern within the workplace; particularly when such objects need to be manipulated by reliable machinery. The stackers found at Liftmate are able to safely address these needs. All stacker trucks have been built around the needs of the user while their robust frames are able to support a variety of weights (depending upon the requirements of the user). These pallet stackers are available in lightweight designs while heavier loads can be catered to with the help of fully powered electric stackers.

There are also a number of lifting systems to select. Examples here can be manually powered units, those which utilise a winch, hydraulic models and electrically powered stackers. Some of the applications which can be addressed by these stackers include specialised trades, the storage or removal of bulk goods, in-house product rotation and the manipulation of pallets. Regardless of whether we refer to a powered stacker or one that relies upon manual operation, these units are all designed to provide superior levels of safety and mobility.


Liftmate specialises in Stackers and Lifters. If you cannot find the Stackers and Lifters you are looking for, please contact us and ask about the Stackers and Lifters you are looking for.