Workshop Cranes

Workshop Cranes

Lifting heavy or bulky items within an industrial environment can present a number of challenges. To avoid serious injuries or damage, it is always wise to select the quality workshop cranes supplied by Liftmate. As no two jobs are ever alike, there are a number of unique varieties to choose from. Not only will the capacities differ, but these floor cranes are also offered in varying heights and dimensions. Thus, they are able to cater to even the most demanding of needs. The prices will likewise vary depending upon the specific model preferred.

Some variants include a pallet-straddling workshop crane, floor cranes equipped with built-in counterbalances, units powered by hydraulics and cranes that are able to be folded up when not in use. Liftmate offers numerous maximum load capacities. These will range anywhere between 200 kilogrammes and 2,000 kilogrammes. Each is brightly coloured for safety reasons and some are even provided with a dedicated power supply for ease of use. Please contact Liftmate for more details in regards to the selection of workshop cranes that are available.

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  • workshop-crane

    500kg Folding Workshop Crane – SC500A

    £595.00 DetailsAdd to basket
  • workshop-crane

    1000kg Folding Workshop Crane – SC1000A

    £695.00 DetailsAdd to basket
  • workshop-crane

    2000kg Folding Workshop Crane – SC2000A

    £895.00 DetailsAdd to basket
  • counterbalanced-crane-LCC250

    Counterbalanced Crane 250kg Capacity – LCC250

    £2,995.00 DetailsAdd to basket
  • counterbalanced-crane-LCC500

    Counterbalanced Crane 500kg Capacity – LCC500

    £3,845.00 DetailsAdd to basket
  • counterbalanced-crane-LCC750

    Counterbalanced Crane 750kg Capacity – LCC750

    £4,285.00 DetailsAdd to basket
  • counterbalanced-crane-LCC1000

    Counterbalanced Crane 1000kg Capacity – LCC1000

    £4,895.00 DetailsAdd to basket
  • counterbalanced-swivel-crane-Li01M5

    Counterbalanced Swivel Crane – Li01M5

    £5,495.00 DetailsAdd to basket
  • counterbalanced-crane-LCC1500

    Counterbalanced Crane 1500kg Capacity – LCC1500

    £8,445.00 DetailsAdd to basket
  • counterbalanced-crane-LCC2000

    Counterbalanced Crane 2000kg Capacity – LCC2000

    £11,995.00 DetailsAdd to basket
  • counterbalanced swivel crane main - orbit-0.5

    Electric Counterbalanced Swivel Crane 500kg – orbit-0.5

    £13,000.00 DetailsAdd to basket