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This section shows examples of hand pallet trucks for special applications. Whether you want a pallet truck with adjustable forks, a little longer, extra long or indeed very long forks, or long and wide forks, different wheels, welded or removable attachments, superstructures or extra capacity, we can help. We will design and manufacture pallet trucks tailored to your exact requirements, or can modify existing pallet truck models if possible. Please contact us with a description of your application and we will endeavour to provide a solution.


Standard Hand Pallet Trucks

4 Way Pallet Truck – MA15/4W


Long Pallet Trucks

Long Pallet Trucks (LLT23)


Special Pallet Trucks

Pal Bac Adjustable Pallet Truck


Special Pallet Trucks

Reel Carrying Trucks


Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks

2t ATEX SS Hand Pallet Trucks