80t Heavy Duty Skate Set


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80 ton Heavy Duty Skate Set

A heavy duty industrial shifting skate set with a total capacity of 80,000kg.  All skates are fitted with polyurethane wheels as standard. The steerable skates come complete with a handle bar and the fixed skate pair with two adjustable alignment bars.

Our range of skates with capacities over 32t has wheels enclosed within the skate frame, thus making it impossible to bend an axle even if a wheel is momentarily overloaded.

Each set consists of:
Model ix40L ix40S
Capacity 40,000 kg 2 x 20,000 kg
Wheel Size ø 140 x 85 mm ø 140 x 85 mm
Number of Wheels 20 2 x 10
Load Area ø 250 mm 322 x 480 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 608 x 1342 x 180 mm 464 x 505 x 180 mm
Handle Length 1500 mm n/a
Adjustability n/a 550 - 1600 mm
Approx. Weight 240 kg 186 kg

This skate set is made to order, please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Special skate combinations, stainless steel version etc also available.