Electric Counterbalanced Swivel Crane 500kg – LiG500SB


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Electric Counterbalanced Swivel Crane


  • Power drive/electric lifting and lowering
  • 270° swivel
  • Designed with built-in ballast weight
  • The rotation is manual controlled and is facilitated by 2 handles
  • Rotating jib arm in 8 locking positions
  • Safe driving: Ergonomic tiller handle. Tiller arm safety switch disables operation in non-allowed positions
  • Equipped with A 4-function distributor for: arm lifting; arm lowering; boom extension; boom retraction
  • Dynamic Load Limiter prevents overloading in each position with mechanism that stops arm from extending
  • Equipped with 2 fixed wheels and 2 pivoting stabilizing wheels
  • Self-braking drive wheel for easy maneuverability in confined spaces
  • Small footprint and wide steering angle for an easy working in tiny spaces

Technical Specification:

  • 2 x AGM batteries 12V 120Ah
  • Visual warning LED beacon
  • 24V intermittent buzzer sound when crane is in operation
  • high frequency single phase built-in battery charger 220V, outlet tension 24V/12A and battery level gauge
  • Remote RBC indicator for displaying the charging phase of the battery charger
  • 2 position key switch; emergency button
  • Anti-crush belly button: anti-crush button with automatic reversing switch to ensure the safety of the operator in every maneuvering operation
Max. Capacity kg 500
Lifting Motor W 800
Traction Motor W 1200
Tank Capacity L 2
Weight kg 910
Standard Jib Arm
Length from 430 mm to 1430 mm
Capacity from 500kg to 200kg
Extension Jib
Length 1930 mm reach
Capacity 100kg
orbit-0.5 extension jib