Electric Counterbalanced Swivel Crane 500kg – orbit-0.5


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Electric Counterbalanced Swivel Crane


  • Power drive/electric lifting
  • 270° swivel
  • Designed with built-in ballast weight
  • Infinite adjustment speed of the lifting/lowering/extension/retraction of the jib arm, for precision placements
  • Slow driving speed mode for narrow and congested spaces (turtle icon button on the handle)
  • Movable trunk of electronics for easy maintenance
  • Strong structure and side wheels for max stability
  • Small footprint and wide steering angle for an easy working in tiny spaces
  • Safe driving: Ergonomic handle equipped with throttle, emergency reverse function and horn

Technical Specification:

  • Standard battery 24V 120Ah
  • Motor wheel with permanent magnets DC 24V 700W
  • Electric control activation 4QHF2D 24V 140°
  • Busser 24V intermittent sound when crane is in operation
  • high frequency monophasic battery charger 220V, outlet tension 24V/12A and battery level gauge
  • RBC remote controller of battery charge
  • Emergency stop button BDS 150A
  • Safety enhancing emergency reverse function, electromagnetic disc brake with automatic dead-man feature that activates when user releases the handle
Max. Capacity kg 500
Max. Pressure BAR 150
Max. Lifting Power W 300
Max. Traction Power W 1200
Tank Capacity L 2
Weight kg 1050
Standard Jib Arm
Length from 486 mm to 886 mm
Capacity from 500kg to 320kg
Optional Extension Jib
Length from 986 mm to 1486 mm
Capacity from 220kg to 160kg
orbit-0.5 extension jib