Electric High Lift Pallet Trucks with Long Forks

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Electric High Lift Pallet Trucks with Long Forks

The electric high lift pallet truck (also sometimes referred to as a 'Hi-lifter truck' or 'Scissor Lift Pallet Truck') is designed to eliminate repetitive back strain when loading or offloading pallets by hand. The high lift pallet truck has a scissor action to lift pallets to a working height of 800mm. Our scissor lift pallet trucks conform to the latest applicable health and safety regulations and can help to reduce the chances of a back strain or injury.

  • Automatically braked when raised above 400mm
  • Three position control lever
  • Automatic descending speed control
Technical Specifications:
Model LiGEHL15-5415 LiGEHL15-6815 LiGEHL10-5420 LiGEHL10-6820
Capacity 1500 kg 1500 kg 1000 kg 1000 kg
Length of Forks 1520 mm 1520 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm
Width over Forks 540 mm 680 mm 540 mm 680 mm
Max. Lift Height 800 mm 800 mm 800 mm 800 mm
Lowered Fork Height 85 mm 85 mm 90 mm 90 mm
Pump Motor 0.9KW / 12V

Additional information

Fork Size

540 x 1520 mm, 680 x 1520 mm, 540 x 2000 mm, 680 x 2000 mm