Heavy Duty 5t Powered Pallet Truck


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Heavy Duty 5t Powered Pallet Truck (LiGL50J)

  • Electronic speed control ACX in alternate current with electronic braking and energy recovery
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • Battery indicator and hour meter with diagnostics
  • Battery charger: High frequency type with voltage balancing. Feeding 1-phase 230V / 0.7 kW
  • Side traction unit and side tiller to steer with minimum effort and to avoid lateral oscillations
  • Special sizes available on request
Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 5000kg
Load Centre: 600 mm
Fork Length: 1200 mm
Width over Forks: 580 mm
Raised Fork Height: 130 mm
Single Fork Width: 210 mm
Traction Wheel: Polyurethane Ø 250 mm
Load Rollers: Polyurethane Ø 85 mm, tandem 3 rollers on each fork
Casting Wheels: Polyurethane Ø 150 mm
Traction Motor: 24V kW 2 in alternate current
Lifting Motor: 24V dc kW 2.2 with push buttons on control head
Battery: 240Ah 24V, traction type 1050022 ENERSYS