Heavy Duty Flat Bed Trailer

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Heavy Duty Flat Bed Trailer

  • 1000kg capacity hand pull turntable steering
  • Braced and reinforced all steel welded chassis
  • High quality polyurethane coated ply decks inset and finished flush
  • Protected all round by steel side frame
  • Loop or T-bar handles
  • Deck height 510mm
Technical Specifications
Deck Size L x W Wheel Dia. Wheel Type Weight Steering Model Ref
1500 x 800mm 400mm Solid rubber 112kg Turntable TR100
1500 x 800mm 400mm Pneumatic 85kg Turntable TR100P
2000 x 1000mm 400mm Solid rubber 137kg Turntable TR110
2000 x 1000mm 400mm Pneumatic 110kg Turntable TR110P
Optional T bar Handle

These trailers are manufactured to order, please allow 70 - 80 working days for delivery.

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TR100, TR100P, TR110, TR110P, TR150, TR150P, TR160, TR160P