Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks (MA35)


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Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks

This is a very heavy duty hand pallet truck with a capacity of 3500kg. This pallet truck comes with either a 540mm fork width which will fit Euro-pallets or a 680mm fork width for larger pallets (for example GKN/CHEP type pallets).

We can manufacture special pallet truck sizes with wider or longer forks. Pallet trucks with higher capacities are also available. Please contact us for more information.

Click here for 3500kg capacity pallet trucks with long forks (540x2500 mm and 680x2500 mm).

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 3500kg
Fork Sizes : 540* x 1150mm/680* x 1220mm/540* x 2500mm/680* x 2500mm
Lowered Fork Height: 90 mm
Raised Fork Height: 200 mm
Wheels: Polyurethane

* Width over Forks

- Click here for standard capacity (2500kg) pallet trucks.