Original Safety Pallet Puller – PP930


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Original Safety Pallet Puller

This Safety Pallet Puller is a safe and quick method of unloading pallets from vehicles when using a forklift truck.

This product helps to pull the pallets from back of vans or lorries to the edge where they can be easily handled by the forklift truck.

It saves time and keeps the forklift operator as well as drivers of vans and lorries safe, eliminating often dangerous 'slinging' with chains and ropes.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 930 kg
Collapsed Length: 2190 mm
Max. Extended length: 4205 mm
Approx. Weight: 13 kg

1st Extension Position:  2205
2nd Extension Position: 2705
3rd Extension Position:  3205
4th Extension Position:  3705
5th Extension Position:  4205