Printer’s Pallet Trucks (MA25)


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Printer's Pallet Trucks

Printer's (short) pallet trucks are ideal for use with half size pallets, such as those typical in the printing industry. This model is available in two different fork sizes as standard, other forks lengths and widths are available to order.

We hold in stock printer's pallet trucks with forks:

450 x 900mm and
450 x 1000mm

These are the most popular Printer's pallet trucks fork sizes and are almost always in stock
We also stock other similar fork sizes including 460 x 500mm, 460 x 600mm, 460 x 800mm, 460 x 1150 and 460 x 1200. We can of course make special printer's pallet trucks to your requirements.

If you have any such special requirements with regards to printer's pallet trucks, please contact us for further details.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 2500kg
Length of Forks: 900 or 1000 mm
Width over Forks: 450 mm
Lowered Fork Height: 75 mm
Raised Fork Height: 190 mm
Wheels: Nylon


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