Rough Terrain Adjustable Frame Truck – 550/RH/TC127/RT


Additional Frames (900mm)

Additional Frames (600mm)

Additional Frames (300mm)

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Rough Terrain Adjustable Frame Truck

Heavy duty plywood deck platform trolley with 2 tall frame supports supplied as standard. Additional frames as well as tall or short frames are also available. This frame truck is fitted with large pneumatic wheels to help navigate rough ground, grass, gravel etc. It is ideal for use on farms, in garden centres, on building sites etc.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 500 kg
Platform Size (L x W): 1200 x 700 mm
Wheels: Pneumatic
Wheels Diameter: ø 260 mm

Additional 32 diameter adjustable tube supports are available in these sizes:

Small: 300 mm High
Medium: 600 mm High
Tall: 900 mm High

A Rough Terrain version with pneumatic wheels is also available.