1.4 Ton Stainless Steel Powered Pallet Truck


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1.4T Stainless Steel Powered Pallet Truck

  • Stainless steel electric pallet truck suitable for offshore use
  • Electric drive, electric lift
  • Made in Aisi 316 stainless steel for maximum hygiene and durability
  • Completely washable and sanitizable. It can be washed with a high-pressure device
  • Tiller is equipped with raise/lower buttons and creep-speed button to facilitate maneuvering in tight spaces
  • (allows low-speed driving with the tiller in vertical position)
  • Fitted with Sealed 24V 120Ah Nexsys® battery: Battery is maintenance free. You can recharge indoors...
  • ...You can recharge partially without any damage
  • External automatic charger
  • Traction motor with AC technology
  • Electronic-controlled pump motor to reduce consumption and increase the endurance
  • Multi-function display with: Battery charge indicator, operating hour meter, electronic check
  • High-traction polyurethane drive wheel, polyurethane rollers, polyurethane castors wheels
  • High Grip Drive Wheel improves driving performances on tiled, wet and slippery floors
Technical Specifications:
Features 1.1 Supplier LiftMate
1.2 Model  S16-120
1.3 Drive Electric
1.4 Operator type: pedestrian, stand-on Pedestrian
1.5 Rated load capacity Q (t) 1.400
1.6 Load centre c (mm) 600
1.8 Distance between the centre of the front axle and the back of the forks x (mm) 945
1.9 Wheelbase y (mm) 1.365
Weights 2.1 Load centre kg 384
2.2 Distance between the centre of the front axle and the back of the forks Kg ---
2.3 Wheelbase kg ---
Wheels and rollers 3.1 Tyres, drive end / Load end (PU=Polyurethane) PU/PU
3.2 Wheel size, drive end mm 230x75
3.3 Wheel size, load end mm 82x90
3.4 Support castors (dimensions) mm 100x40
3.5 Number of wheels drive end/load end (x=powered) X1/2/2
3.6 Track width, drive end b10 (mm) 506
3.7 Track width, load end b11 (mm) 390
Basic dimensions 4.4 Stroke h3 (mm) 110
4.9 Height of tiller in driving position, min/max h14 (mm) 1.020/1.290
4.15 Ground clearence, lowered forks h13 (mm) 85
4.19 Overall length l1 (mm) 1.715
4.20 Length incl. Fork backs l2 (mm) 564
4.21 Overall width b1 (mm) 650
4.22 Fork dimensions s/e/l (mm) 55/150/1.150
4.25 Overall fork width b5 (mm) 540
4.32 Ground clearance, centre of the wheelbase m2 (mm) 30
4.34 Working aisle width with 800x1,200 pallet lengthways Ast (mm) 1.985
4.35 Turning radius Wa (mm) 1.529
Performance 5.1 Travel speed (laden/unladen) km/h 4,5/4,5
5.2 Fork speed (laden/unladen) m/s 0,06/0,08
5.3 Lowering speed (laden/unladen) m/s 0,11/0,03
5.8 Gradeability (laden/unladen) % 10/18
5.10 Service brake Electromagnetic
Power 6.1 Drive motor, rating at S2=60 min kW 1,2
6.2 Pump motor, rating at S3=10% kW 0,8
6.4 Battery voltage, rated capacity K5 V/Ah 24/120
6.5 Battery weight kg 95
8.1 Electric Drive Control AC
8.4 Sound level at driver’s ear (ref. EN 12053) dB(A) <70dB