Curved Back Truck with Load Strap – 424/CO/31/SK/250


Optional Wheels

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Curved Back Truck with Load Strap

This sack truck modification has a curved back to accommodate practically all gas bottles, drums, cans etc up to a diameter of 380mm and heights up to 1500mm.

The bottle truck comes supplied complete with a load retention strap. Both ends clip anywhere on the tubular framework and a small but robust ratchet helps to secure any load from slipping off. This curved back truck has skids - making it easy to go up and down curbs or short flights of stairs.

It is fitted with pneumatic wheels as standard, while solid rubber and puncture proof wheels are also available.

Supplied with one ratchet load strap for securing gas bottle to chassis.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 250 kg
Dimensions (H x W): 1300 x500 mm
Toe Plate Size (D x W): 280 x 230 mm
Cylinder Diameter: Up to 380 mm
Wheels: Pneumatic
Wheels Diameter: ø 260 mm
Approx. Weight: 14kg