Load Retention Straps – STP/CB & STP/RA

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Load Retention Straps

  • Recommended accessory for most sack truck models
  • Load retention straps are used for securing and transporting bulky or unstable loads safely
  • They are designed to clip onto the frames of most sack trucks using plastic hooks
  • The load straps are tightened and adjusted by either standard cam buckle or ratchet operation
  • Cam buckle or ratchet options
  • CONTENT: 150cm or 300cm long load strap paired with 40cm ratchet or cam buckle end
Type Length Model
Cam Buckle 40 + 150 cm STP/CB/150
40 + 300 cm STP/CB/300
Ratchet 40 + 150 cm STP/RA/150
40 + 300 cm STP/RA/300

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STP/CB/150, STP/CB/300, STP/RA/150, STP/RA/300