Heavy Duty Rough Terrain Sack Trucks

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Heavy Duty Rough Terrain Sack Trucks

This sack truck is available with 2 toe sizes and choice of pneumatic or solid rubber wheels.
The large diameter wheels cope with rough and uneven ground with ease. Solid tyred wheels should be chosen if the truck is likely to frequently come in contact with sharp objects.

The trucks are heavily built and very strong, coping easily with the maximum load rating of 350kg. They are ideal for use in the building trade, gardening centres, gardens or anywhere you need to move heavy and/or bulky items over uneven ground.

Knuckle protecting handgrips are fitted as standard to each truck.

Technical Specifications:
Model ST101S ST101P ST102S ST102P
Capacity 350 kg
Overall Height 1140 mm
Overall Width 605 mm
Frame Width 430 mm
Wheels Diameter ø 355 mm
Toe Plate Width 395 mm
Toe Plate Depth 305 mm 305 mm 450 mm 450 mm
Wheels Solid Rubber Pneumatic Solid Rubber Pneumatic
Approx. Weight 30 kg 24 kg 32 kg 26 kg


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Toe Plate Depth

ST101S, ST101P, ST102S, ST102P