Stairclimber Keg & Barrel Sack Truck – 429/CO/59/KEG/250/SC


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Stairclimber Keg & Barrel Sack Truck

Our heavy duty stairclimbing barrel & keg truck has a sliding catch to hold the beer barrels in place during transportation. The keg truck is an indispensable assistant for beer deliveries and for moving kegs up and down stairs, doorsateps and over kerbs.

This stairclimber sack truck will work with most standard kegs and barrels. If the size of your keg/barrel is not standard, please contact us for more information or for a quote on a bespoke truck. A drawing or a photo of the keg would be helpful.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 250 kg
Dimensions (H x W): 1230 x 550 mm
Toe Plate Size (D x W): 150 x 325 mm
Wheels: Solid Rubber, Tri-Star assembly
Wheels Diameter: ø 160 mm
Approx. Weight: 17 kg