Heavy Duty Three Way Sack Truck – 447/CO/91/3WAY


Optional Wheels


Heavy Duty Three Way Sack Truck

The Three-in-one (or three position) Convertible Sack Truck is ideal for variable applications. It can be used as a regular sack truck, has a large toe and even larger folding toe, for those bulky items.

The sack truck has an extra set of swivel castors which can be lowered vertically as an extra support near the handles so it can be used at an approx 60 deg. angle with the swivel castors supporting the load and thus taking the strain of the operator.

The sack truck's swivel castors can also be positioned horizontally along the sack truck for heavy or bulky loads, this makes the truck function as a platform trolley with the tall back serving as a horizontal deck.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 300 kg
Dimensions (H x W): 1310 x 600 mm
Fixed Toe Plate Size (D x W): 305 x 410 mm
Folding Toe Plate Size (D x W): 610 x 345 mm
Wheels: Pneumatic
Wheels Diameter: ø 260 / 100 mm
Approx. Weight: 20kg