Manual Pallet Tilter – LT10M


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Manual Pallet Tilter

Manual pallet tilters assist in tilting a pallet, crate or stillage towards the operator and thus making it easy to reach inside.

The pallet tilters are especially useful where palletised good are loose small items that need to be picked out one by one.

  • Forks can be tilted up to 90°
  • Handle can be turned and locked in position away from the work area
  • Supplied with parking brake and foot protectors on castors
  • Lift and tilt performed by hand hydraulic action
Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 1000kg
Max. Lift Height: 285 mm
Angle of Tilt: up to 90°
Lift / Tilt Manual
Length of Forks: 800 mm
Width over Forks: 560 mm
Lowered Fork Height: 85 mm
Overall Length: 1325 mm
Overall Width: 638 mm
Overall Lowered Height: 750 mm
Wheels: Polyurethane
Approx. Weight: 178kg

We can also supply Pallet Tilters with straddle legs. Please contact us for more information.