Stainless Steel Pallet Tilter – LT 1001TE RF-SEMI


Length of Forks *

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Stainless Steel Pallet Tilter

Technical Specifications:
Capacity 1000 kg (*)
Load Centre c1 max. l/2
Load Centre c2 min. 200 - max. 420
Height, Tilted ht 750 - 950 mm
Lifting Height h3 275 mm
Fork Length l 800 mm
Overall Height with Handle h14 1090 mm
Overall Height h1 680 mm
Overall Width b1 780 mm
Width over Forks b5 560 mm
Individual Fork Width e 163 mm
Overall Length by 800 mm Forks l1 1410 mm
Length without Forks l2 590 mm
Run-in Length lx 665 mm
Overall Height of Forks at Max. Tilt h4 ht + l
Lowered Height h13 85 mm
Pump Motor 0.8 kW 12V
Lifting Speed - Lift/Tilt 4 s / 14 s
Lowering Speed - Lift/Tilt 3 s / 11 s
Battery 12V / 70Ah
Weight by 800 mm Forks (with battery) 173 kg


  • Suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene
    is of great importance
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Adjustable working height when tilted
  • The handle can be turned to the side and locked to allow the user
    easy access to the crate/box contents
  • Tilting function operated by remote control
  • Tilting angle can be adjusted during filling and emptying operation
  • The tilting degree can be set so that the tilter stops automatically at
    the same angle each time
  • Designed with foot protectors and parking brake
  • Safety valve and emergency stop ensures safe operation
  • AISI 316 stainless steel
(*) 1000kg at 400mm load centre. With 1150mm forks: 750kg at 600mm load centre