Safe Pallet Puller – SP1, SP2

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Safe Pallet Puller

The Safe Pallet Puller is designed to pull pallets to a safe lifting position on a van, truck or lorry, by a forklift truck. The Safe Pallet Puller comes in two parts: the elongated hook and the strap containing adjustable anchor points.


  • Attach the pallet puller metal hook to central stump of the pallet you wish to move, ensuring a secure fit
  • With the hook in position attach the strap to the open ended coupling using the metal oval ring
  • Keep a degree of tension on the strap
  • Thread the strap through an anchor point of the forklift truck
  • Use safety hook to secure to ring
  • Forklift truck should pull slowly without jerking movements
Technical Specifications:
DESCRIPTION Pallet Puller Regular Pallet Puller Medium
PULLING CAPACITY 1000 kg 1000 kg
STRAP LENGTH 3700 mm 5000 mm
LOADING LENGTH 3000 mm 4350 mm
NOTE 1 For side or back door loading access.
NOTE 2 Works with 4000mm loading length
using side door loading.
For vehicles without side door
loading access e.g. Box Luton vans.

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SP1, SP2