GasGrab Gas Cylinder Clamps – MHCL

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Optional Hanging Bracket

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GasGrab Gas Cylinder Clamps

GasGrab gas cylinder clamps are designed to aid with the safe handling of gas cylinders.

Our Manual Cylinder Clamps are manufactured in strong and lightweight die-cast Aluminium.
Simple operation provides a safe method of lifting gas cylinders.

The device enables gas cylinders to be lifted simply and safely by one person, improving posture and reducing strain on the operators back and shoulders. It also provides a means of lifting cylinders by 2 people as a team lift.

178 mm MHCL178
203 mm MHCL203
215 mm MHCL215
230 mm MHCL230
235 mm MHCL235
254 mm MHCL254
267 mm MHCL267
278 mm MHCL278
305 mm MHCL305
320 mm MHCL320
376 mm MHCL376


  • 100kg SWL
  • Reduces unnecessary bending and lifting
  • Choice of 10 sizes of clamps
  • Simple operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to fit - simply pass the clamp over the top of the cylinder and lift to grab it
  • Optional Hanging Bracket can be supplied
  • Warning: this product is for manual handling only and should not be used as part
    of any rigging or mechanical lifting arrangement

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Additional information

Cylinder Diameter

178 mm, 203 mm, 215 mm, 230 mm, 235 mm, 254 mm, 267 mm, 278 mm, 305 mm, 320 mm, 376 mm