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Hand Grip Clamps

These hand grip clamps are suited for the individual transport of light and thin plates. They have a jaw capacity of up to 10mm and can lift up to 250kg.

To operate the clamp you simply press down on the hand grip which compresses a spring. This allows the clamp to open and slide onto the plate. The plate can then be lifted and transported using the ergonomic hand grip.

The positive spring pressure prevents the plate from accidentally slipping out of the clamp.

NOTE: Plate surface of material lifted must not exceed a hardness level of HRC 30/Brinell 300.

Technical Specifications:
Model WLL Jaw Capacity Weight *
HGC 250 250kg 0 - 10 mm 1.4 kg
HGC 250 EX 250kg 0 - 10 mm 1.5 kg
HGC 250 EB 250kg 0 - 10 mm 1.4 kg

* Per clamp
WLL= Working load limit
EX  = Extended handle (300mm)
EB  = Eye bolt (instead of handle)

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HGC 250, HGC 250 EX, HGC 250 EB