LiftMate 2″ Choke Valve Strop – MHCS100


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LiftMate 2" Choke Valve Strop

Design to aid in the safer handling of 2" chicksan valves. To fit simply pass the handling straps under the valve connection butts. The strop with the adjacent velcro retaining strap should be passed under the male connection. Once in place, pass the velcro strap under the opposite side horizontal link strop and secure back on itself. Ensure that strops are not against any sharp edges.

  • Reduces unnecessary bending and lifting
  • Easy to fit
  • Lift by cradling the load, with each operator taking up a handle, one each side of the load
  • Working Load Limit (WLL): 50kg
  • Minimum Breaking Load: 500kg

Note: this product is for manual handling only and should not be used as part of any rigging or mechanical lifting arrangement.