Low Profile Scissor Table with Ramp (HY1001)


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Low Profile Scissor Table with Ramp

This is our most popular static scissor lift table / pallet positioner. It is designed for CHEP/GKN pallets (1100 x 1200mm) and will also work well with EURO-pallets (800 x 1200mm)

The ramp enables pallets to be placed directly onto the platform using a manual or electric pallet truck. The pallet can then be raised to a working height, helping to eliminate back strain and thus contributing to a safer working environment.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 1000kg
Platform Size (L x W): 1420 x 1140 mm
Closed Height: 85 mm
Raised Height: 860 mm
Lift: Electric (415V 3-phase operation)
Approx. Weight: 91kg

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