Low Profile U-Shaped Scissor Table (HU1000)


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Low Profile U-Shaped Scissor Table

This is a very popular scissor lift table / pallet positioner. It is designed to be used with EURO-pallets (800 x 1200mm) or other pallets of similar sides and with an open bottom to allow a pallet truck to be removed.

The scissor lift helps to eliminate stress and prevent injury from constant back strain. The pallet is raised or lowered on the scissor lift so that top of load is always at an ergonomic height.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 1000kg
Platform Size (L x W): 1420 x 1140 mm
Closed Height: 85 mm
Raised Height: 860 mm
Lift: Electric (415V 3-phase operation)
Approx. Weight: 134kg