3t Adjustable Toe Hydraulic Jack – TGL30


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Adjustable Toe Hydraulic Jack

This ultra-low-profile, compact and strong toe jack has three adjustable toe heights. The hydraulic jack has a very versatile design. The lifting toe starts at 15mm and through the three positions has a range of up to 240mm. The hydraulic pump of the jack is protected by the lift housing.

The TGL range of lifting jacks is suitable for all types of repairs and installation work of machines, ideally in combination with machine skates.

The toe jack is supplied with a two part lift handle and adjustable swivel support legs as standard.

  • Designed for raising loads and placing shifting-skates underneath them
  • Also used for general repairs, maintenance and for installation of heavy items
  • Dual lifting capability: loads can be lifted using the toe or the head of the jack
  • Three Adjustable toe heights
  • The hydraulic pump of the jack is protected by a robust lift housing
  • Adjustable swivel support legs as standard
Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 3000kg
Lift Height on Toe: 15 - 240 mm (3 Stage)
Lift Height on Head: 250 - 380 mm
Lifting Stroke: 130 mm
Approx. Weight: 22kg