6t Machinery Toe Jack – TBL60


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Machinery Toe Jack

This hydraulic machinery toe jack has a fixed toe and is suitable for general lifting purposes. The toe jack has two lifting positions (toe & top) with capacities of 6 & 7.5t respectively.

  • Designed for raising loads and placing shifting-skates underneath them
  • Also used for general repairs, maintenance and for installation of heavy items
  • Dual lifting capability: loads can be lifted using the toe or the head of the jack
  • Adjustable lowering speed
  • Removable pump handle
  • Overload protection
Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 6000kg
Lifting Capacity on Toe: 6000kg
Lifting Capacity on Head: 7500kg
Lift Height on Toe: 35 - 195 mm (single stage)
Lift Height on Head: 320 - 560 mm
Approx. Weight: 25.5kg