Rotational Hydraulic Toe Jacks (HML)

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Rotational Hydraulic Toe Jack

  • Designed for raising loads and placing shifting-skates underneath them
  • Also used for general repairs, maintenance and for installation of heavy items
  • Dual lifting capability: loads can be lifted using the toe or the head of the jack
  • Compact and stable construction
  • Can be used in any position (pumps sideways and upside down)
  • Housing revolves 360 degrees
  • Adjustable lowering speed
  • Removable pump lever
  • Overload protection valve
Technical Specifications:
Model HML50 HML100 HML250
Capacity 5000kg 10000kg 25000kg
Lift Height on Toe 25 - 220 mm (single stage) 30 - 260 mm (single stage) 58 - 273 mm (single stage)
Lift Height on Head 368 -573 mm 420 -650 mm 505 -720 mm
Approx. Weight 25kg 35kg 102kg

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5000kg, 10000kg, 25000kg