Braked Terrain Pallet Truck – TNN1500/S-1200B


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Braked Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

This special braked rough terrain pallet truck is built with a travel hand brake and designed to handle pallets up to 1200mm wide. This model has all the heavy duty features of the standard TNV1500S rough terrain pallet truck, but offers a more manoeuverable truck for handling pallets.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity 1500kg
Load Centre 500mm
Length of Forks 890mm
Width over Forks Adjustable 180 - 580 mm
Max. Pallet Size 1200 x 1000 mm
Straddle Gap 1250 mm
Overall width 1520 mm
Overall Length 1430 mm
Lowered Fork Height 50 mm
Raised Fork Height 230 / 285 mm
Wheels Pneumatic ø 380 / ø 400 mm