1.5 Ton Electric Rough Terrain Pallet Stacker

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Electric Rough Terrain Pallet Stacker

Built with a 1500kg load capacity and supplied in 3 raised fork height versions:
  • 1600mm (RTS 15.16)
  • 2500mm (RTS 15.25)
  • 3000mm (RTS 15.30)

This rough terrain pallet stacker has straddle legs which provide great stability. The large wheels and raised chassis make it ideal for rough terrain. It is suitable for loading, unloading and transportation of most standard pallets.

Designed with 2 independently powered drive wheels.

This rough terrain stacker can travel inclines of up to 10% with full load and 15% with 600kg. The rough terrain pallet stacker can for example be used in underground car parks and travel up ramps between levels.

The stacker is fitted with two batteries and an on board charger. The charger is single phase and plugs into standard mains. The batteries are best charged overnight or at least 8 hours (if almost empty). The batteries will last about 5 hours under normal working conditions.

240V charger - standard, included. Optional 110V charger available.

We can also offer special attachments such as crane jib, boom, drum clamp, load protectors, extended forks and sliding hook.

The Electric Rough Terrain Pallet Stacker is also available with raised fork heights of 3500mm. Please contact us for more information.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity: 1500kg
Load Centre: 500 mm
Length of Forks: 1100 mm
Width over Forks: Adjustable
Max. Pallet Size: 1200 x 1000 mm
Straddle Gap: 1260 mm
Lowered Fork Height: 50 mm
Raised Fork Heights: 1600 mm, 2500 mm or 3000 mm
Overall Length: 1900 mm
Overall width: 1500 mm
Battery: 2x12V / 85Ah
Wheels: Pneumatic / Solid Elastic ø 400
NOTE: Please allow approx. 6 weeks for delivery

Additional information

Max. Fork Height

1600 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm